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This is a documentary I made for the final project of my Advanced Filmmaking class (Spring 2021). 

The subject of this documentary Chris Grace was a custodian at Middlebury College. He's now a mountain biker living by one of the many mountains in Utah. This film recorded one of the major changes in his life -- he decided to quit his job at Midd (his hometown) and pursue his mountain biking dream in Utah. I was shocked, realizing how the power of filmmaking can alter someone's life path. I was amazed and inspired, knowing that we are all just one step away from our seemingly distant dreams -- All we have to do is to make the decision and DO it.

Chris encouraged me to pursue my film dream regardless of any difficulties I may confront. And as I am making this website to record my journey, I hope I could have his bravery, determination, and sincerity. 

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